1. What makes Xhibit Arts pieces different from those on the web?
A majority of the pieces on the web are reprints of his original prints. We only sell 100% authentic pieces, directly from the artist himself. All pieces are numbered, signed, and watermarked by the artist himself. 
2. What should I expect in the mail?
Your piece will come in a tube carrier. It will contain your piece sealed with a receipt. The backing paper on the piece itself is different on each piece and is not intended to be framed with the piece. The piece is able to detach from this backing paper.
3. How should I set my piece(s) up?
We suggest getting 20" by "30 backing foam (found at Target, Walmart, and other retailers) to stabilize your piece in a 20" by 30" frame. 
4. How long will it take to receive my piece(s)?
It normally take 1 week to ship out and should arrive the following week for all domestic orders. For international orders it may take up to 5 days longer.
5. Will some items be restocked?
No items will be restocked. Most pieces on the website are the only ones we have and will ever have. This is due to the limitability of each piece being quite high.
6. How can I reach Xhibit Arts?
We are most active on instagram @xhibitarts and you can email us directly at